Monday, March 2, 2009

Hotstuff not doing so hot!

Mike's weigh in this morning was 263.2 which is down 2.2 lbs from his start weight. It is definitely up from last week. I've been asking him how he's been doing and the answer is obviously not too well. He has been working a crazy amount of overtime and he walks out of this house more days than not without a scrap of food with him. Which means he is running next door to grab a slice of pizza, or up the street for a muffin or a cinnamon roll. And exercise is non-existent. I called him on all the excuses and he wasn't so happy with me. The fact is, there is a really great restaurant 3 doors down from his work that does fabulous salads and other healthy options. While that isn't great financially for us, at least its a better option nutritiously.

Enough ranting.

Have a great day bloggers

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  1. Hubman has been trying to lose weight as long as I have. He keeps yo-yo-ing. I know how frustrating it can be with the excuses. UGH!!


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