Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Have I made the right choice?

I am getting really nervous about this whole BMR thing. I'm doing Myfitnesspal and it seem to be great but it seems like an awful lot of calories for me to eat. (although last night at the potluck I seemed to be able to blow through them pretty well)

I'm scared that I will have a huge gain this week. I know that, because I'm changing up what I'm doing, I may have a slight gain. That and I've been working out again since Sunday. I did two seperate workouts today.

I've committed to trying this method for one month. I don't want to give up to early. I really have to give it a reasonable effort.

Watching BL right now and I'm impressed with how supportive everyone is of each other on the show this season. Sooooo different than last. That nearly soured me on the whole thing.


  1. Good luck with the whole adaptation to the BMR! When Tom got me my BodyBugg in November I had been doing Weight Watchers and almost had a stroke the first day I ate according to the BB guidelines (which is also based on BMR) and then tracked the points. As it turns out I've been a LOT more successful eating the increased amount of calories (I'm not counting the last couple of weeks of stupidity) and I hope you are, too!!!

  2. I have no experience in this whole BMR thing. I must say I think you should try it. It might be the best thing for you and it will show you awesome results in the end.

    Can't to wait to see how you make out with it.


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