Sunday, January 4, 2009

Opinions Please!!!!

So DH and I have both joined in the BLBE #2 and we've decided (just to give us that extra kick in the butt) to add a little side bet. We're thinking that we'll go with percentage of weight lost + change in body fat percentage (we have a nifty scale that measures stuff like that).

The big question is "What are the stakes????"

What do you think ladies and gentlemen? I'm thinking it should be something fitness related like getting a Wii fit or buy some sort of gym equipment the other one wants (but that would still benifit both of us). Or should it be something completely different like (for me) a night out with the girls?

We are completely baffled and would love your input.


  1. What is DH?

    I say a night out with each other to celebrate but the winner gets to decide it all...the dinner, the movie/show/concert, and the loser has to comply! lol

  2. Linda: DH = dear husband
    DD = dear daughter
    DS = dear son

    Thanks for the suggestion

  3. Im the wrong one to ask as I LONG fer a wii fit.

  4. I think the wii fit would be a great idea! You two could enjoy it together and it could be a goal you worked for together.

    Having said that, it may be fun to ante up just a little and have the winner get something 'extra'. I just don't know what that could be haha

  5. btw - you've been tagged :)
    check my blog

  6. Don't trust the body fat count on machines . . . it is just a standard calculation taking into account weight, height age and sex. Not a true count at all (as I was very happy to find out!). But it is still fun to watch the changes!

  7. That is so fun! Maybe you guys could make it a weekly thing for smaller stuff like dishes, cooking, etc. and at the end do the bigger thing, like the Wii, dinner out together (which I think you should do regardless because you'll both want to celebrate!) and a night out with the girls sounds so fun!

    Oh the possibilities!


  8. Hey Kadee - I'm one of your team members on the BLBE2! mmm stakes... How about letting your kids in the surprise? what if they fill a bowl with pieces of paper with their "treats" on them, that maybe are family orientated - and one special bowl with "winner / big ticket" items? I think you might be surprised with their suggestions!

    Good luck - keep at it!


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