Monday, January 5, 2009

FP's....are they Flex or Forbidden???

I'm not sure why I have it in my head that I shouldn't use my flex points. They are there for days when you need them. So far this week I've really only used 4 out of 35!!!!

I know that I shouldn't forbid myself things....and so far I've been really good at not doing that. Maybe I'm just a hoarder at heart. I save them all up for the end of the week "just in case" and then on Wednesday night I'm left with all these FP's. Not good the night before weigh in, waaaaayy too much temptation.

Today's menu /25 POINTS

dreadmill (+5) /30

egg white omelet w/low fat cheese and mushrooms, WW bagel (-7) 2/30

Coffee (-1) 3/30

Toasted Chicken Club (a la Timmie's) (-9) 12/30

chicken breast, brown rice, 1/2 fat mush soup, salad (-9) 21/30

3 Rice krispie squares w/milk (-8) 29/30

I sit here writing this with my stomach growling, really wanting a little snack o'somethin. I have 1 point left plus 31 FP's. Do I or don't I that is the question!!! ARRRRGGGGGH!


  1. have something that's low in points. Zero pt progresso, carrots, popcorn, etc!

    I do the same thing. I NEVER use my AP & FP or I won't see a change. For me I just dont add in my AP and use my FP about 2/3 of the way each week.

  2. Oh yeah, I think of flex points as "forbidden." They're totally not though. I think you should eat something before you get so hungry that you eat something baaaad.

  3. I never ever once throughout this entire weight loss process thought of flex points as forbidden. Instead I thought of them as "bonus" or "phew" points :-D I always always always ate any and all points ever available to me. This is important because when you have a lot to lose which can be a long process, you want to "train" your body to be able to maintain on as much calorie intake at the end as possible. Calorie restriction over a long period of time can slow your metabolism down sometimes, so if you can boost it along the way by eating more (fuel the fire) you will be very thankful that you did when you get to your goal. (Hear that? "WHEN" you get there!) :-D



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