Tuesday, January 6, 2009

On the fly!

Quick post tonight as I am off to try and get into a new yoga class!!!!

Today's eats /25

1/2 cup Kashi cereal w/ milk (-3) 3/25
1 bite Larabar, clementine (-1.5) 4.5/25
Fish and Chips (-20) 24.5/25
coffee (-1) 25.5/25
Salad w/Taco beef (-3) 28.5/25

Total FP's used this week 12/35

Have a great day bloggies!

Quick update: Yoga was good. different instructor so different style. I had Raina's voice in my head for certain poses so that helped :-D

Had yogurt, Kashi, cool whip, banana combo while watching biggest loser leaving my balance for the day at 36.5/28 FP's are now 17/35


  1. Hey girl...

    I joined BLBE too; looking forward to some fun but it will also be a challenge for me. Love your blog and ya got a "new" follower...

    Take care...

  2. Great job on your eats today!



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