Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Go Team Angie - We're goin' down (in lbs that is!!!)

I am so excited to be on Angie's team for the BLBE #2!! I can't wait to kick some ass and take some names.

Tomorrow is WI and it will be part 1, I guess, of my first official week in BLBE #2. I have to admit I am expecting a loss. I worked out like a maniac (for me anyway) this week. I have had some sort of physical activity EVERY DAY this week. It is getting easier to keep the momentum going I think. Part of the motivation is having a fellow BLBEr in the house, although he's playing for the other team. I want to kick his ass at this so that will totally keep me going :-D

Today's eats: /25

Kashi, Liberte yogurt, cool whip, sliced banana combo and coffee w/sf caramel syrup (-8) 8/25
clementine, 1 bite of a Larabar (-1.5) 9.5/25
tuna sammie and the rest of the larabar (-8) 17.5/25
3.5 oz chicken, baked potato w/ 1Tbsp non fat sour cream and 15g of light cheese, corn (-9.5) 27/25

Dreadmill 27/30
FP's remain at 17/35


  1. I laughed when you said your husband is playing for the other team :)

    Good luck on the weigh-in!

  2. Guess I didn't really think that comment through LOL! You'll have to forgive me I had just gotten off the dreadmill.

    To clarify : He's on LYNN'S team.


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