Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BL and Yoga

So I was in tears by the end of tonight's BL. Why did it have to be those two below the yellow line? I was really gunnin' for Joelle to be there. Holy shit, I didn't think Bob had those kind of words in his vocabulary. I'm realy glad that the others chose to have Dan stay. He so needs to be there.

Yoga tonight was really hard. I have to say I hate the plank position. I can't do it for more than a few seconds, but I will get stronger. I am determined to be. This class is a lot different from the one I took last fall. I'm not sure if I really like it or not. There are certain poses that she doesn't do that I miss. She focuses more on the strength training aspect of yoga, rather than the connection between mind and body. I will continue through the next 8 weeks of the course though. The more and varied experiences I have the better I will get at yoga, I hope ;)

Today's eats: /25

Yogurt w/Kashi Go Lean Crunch (-7) 7/25
KFC toonie (-17) 24/25
Yoga (+3) 24/28
Kashi Go Lean Crunch (-4) 28/28

So needless to say that while I am within my points for the day, my eating sucked. BIG TIME! This is not the way to ensure I have a loss on Thursday. Tomorrow is going to be a clean eating OP day.

Hell Yeah!!!!!


  1. I was in my Abs class last night and she always ends the class with a plank! I suck at it. We have to do it for a minute, last night I lasted about 45 seconds before I fell. I did get back up for the last 8 seconds or so, but planks are hard, so I totally feel you.

  2. I was so mad when it was those two under the yellow line - even my husband teared up at the end. It was so exciting to see how well the old fellow had done on his own!

    Don't give up on the plank. You will get stronger a few seconds at a time, and that is the move that give you that hot stomach!!

  3. So far every single yoga class I've been to was different. Hang in there and chalk it up to your yogi experience I am surprised by how much I love the mind/body part of it all :-)


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