Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I like getting compliments :-D

I got a lovely compliment today from a friend of mine. As we met at our coffee shop, she looked at me and said "You're disappearing". What a nice thing to say. I know that I'm no where near skinny minny proportions yet, but it is nice to know that the work I am putting into this process is being noticed.

I ran into my dad down there too. He is starting to look a lot better. My mother and he have also started to watch what they are eating and revving up the exercise. Daddy has had some heart issues in the past year. He and his doctor's are trying to control his symptoms through medication and diet, rather than resorting to more drastic measures. The med's weren't doing it all and he really thought that he was going to have to have some surgical interventions before he would feel any relief. I'm glad to say that the loss of only 10 lbs (so far) has really helped him. He has way more energy, and is actually eager to play with his grandkids again.

Daddy took me to the grocery store too and stocked us up with some fresh fruits and veggies. Things have been really tight financially for us. I have had 10 days of substitute teaching since September. That's it. My 10% contract pay doesn't even cover the mortgage. DH has been working all the hours he can to make a little extra but it hasn't been enough lately. I NEED a new job. I just don't understand what I have done, or not done, to make me so undesirable in my chosen profession. It probably isn't even me, it's just the system.

Enough with being a sad sack. Tomorrow is weigh in and I think the best I can hope for is a STS. I've been really on plan all week (except for the crap I ate yesterday) but I'm coming to the conclusion that following a big loss, my body bounces back a bit. This two steps forward one step back may just be the way it is for me. I have to accept it and move on and not beat myself up about it. I know that I've given it my level best for this week.

Today's eats: /25
Egg Mock Muffin (-6) 6/25
Dreadmill (+5) 6/30
Coffee (-1) 7/30
Potato w/ ham slice (-7) 14/30
Homemade pizza on a pita bun (-8) 22/30
Salad (-1) 23/30
2 Apples with peabutter dip (-5) 28/30

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