Thursday, December 18, 2008

WI Results Week 13

I'm totally not surprised by this. I didn't really exercise all week and I did more holiday nibbling than I should have. Actually I'm kinda shocked that it was only +1.6lbs.

Goals for this week.

Eat on plan EVERY DAY! And yes that includes Christmas day. I will save all of my flex points for that day. I have several events this week that may make that a bit difficult.

My parents are having an open house on Sunday during which there will be lots of nibblies about and the plan is for anyone who wants to pitch in, they'll order chinese. I'm thinking that I may make my own "chinese dinner" ahead of time and just bring it with me. That way it won't look as though I'm making a big deal out of not eating the takeout.

I plan to have my parents over for Christmas Eve so that should be okay. I'll be in charge of the menu, therefore able to ensure that I know the POINTS value of the meal.

My mom, who is also trying to loose some weight, and I have planned out the Christmas menu and it shouldn't be too bad. Lots of veggies. And I plan to forgo the potatoes. I really like the turnip, sweet potatoes and stuffing parts of Christmas dinner. I can't have them AND potatoes. I can have potatoes any old time.

I think planning is going to be the key for me this week. Despite the fact that it is Christmas week, I plan to have a kick ass loss for next week. I can't believe that it is the final week of the BLBE.

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