Thursday, December 18, 2008

Exercise Mama

I'm back with a vengance. I've decided (for today at least) that I've had enough of this and I am getting back to exercising. I did 7km on the treadmill tonight. It felt great and I probably could have done more but my DD came out of her room to tell me she couldn't sleep because the treadmill was making too much noise. OOOPS! Oh well, I guess she'll just have to get used to it because Mama is on a mission.

I did very well for eating today. I got called into work unexpectedly but still managed to bring a healthy lunch with me. We went to Subway for supper and I had a salad instead of a sub so that made a big difference. I'm still a few POINTS short on the day plus all of my AP's too. It's like I get all hyper vigilant and then don't eat enough in order to loose the weight. Someday I will get this right. I promise!!!!!!


  1. The treadmills has so many benefits and is easy to use that everyone that wants to loose weight. This is also a downside because since everyone and their brother wants one the fitness market is flooded with them and with so many choices and price ranges it can be confusing.

  2. Don't you hate getting spammed on your blog!!!!!


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