Saturday, December 27, 2008

New year, new me!!!!

I'm really excited about this year coming up! It's going to be the Year of ME!!! I can just feel it. I'm going to make it the year of me. I am going to get the weight off once and for all. I was able to loose 40lbs total in 2008 without really working at it too hard for 8 months of the year. Imagine what I could do with a little effort and focus.

I'm not going to make any "resolutions". I've already made the changes I need to make. I just have to stick with it and incorporate those changes into my whole life. My goals for this year are very simple. I have none. A goal that spans the whole year is too big for me. I get lost along the way. So I am going to try to make small weekly goals. And post them for ALL to see. And comment on, and call me on if/when I fail to live up to them.

That being said, there are a few things I would like to do this year.

I want to be able to participate in my very first 5km run. The local Johnny Miles is in June and that is where I am setting my sights. The Run for the Lobsters (part of Lobster Carnival) is then in July and I'd like to do that too.

I would like to find a new job/career. I've been really unhappy with the teaching profession as of late. I love the job, it's just all the hoops you must jump through and, frankly, butts you have to kiss in order to get a job, it's just ridiculous. I've been teaching for 12 years now and kids graduating university are getting jobs ahead of me. I think it is time for a change. I still have no idea what I will do, but there has to be a career out there for a motivatied woman like myself.

I want to do some things to improve myself this year (hence the year of me!!!). I started taking yoga in the fall and I really loved it. I would like to take some courses this year as well. Nothing in particular, and nothing really focused on my CAREER. Just some fun things to take. Like a low fat cooking class, ballroom dancing or maybe improve my French. Who knows. (maybe even photography, a closet passion of mine)

Well have a great day my friends and fellow bloggers. Thanks for "listening" to my rambling.


  1. Awesome job losing 40lbs! Best of luck in the new year~

  2. ok I had to roll outta the lurking closet at this UPBEAT POST.

    KUDOS TO YOU on all of it AND your goals for 09!

  3. Karen, you have SO MUCH to be proud of this year! You are showing yourself just a glimpse of what you are capable of! I have no doubt that 2009 will continue to chisel away and polish the shining version of you that is there. You are doing SUCH a great job! Congratulations!!!

    1. I think doing the 5k in the Johnny Miles is an awesome goal. I can't quite describe or explain the feeling when I crossed the finish line at the Bluenose last year - nothing has compared. I would have done the JM with Brooke, had the doctor approved :-( I don't want to say that I won't be doing it this year because I want to, but it will depend on what the doctor orders!

    2. Yoga is amazing, as you've already discovered yourself. I love it because you can do it at all fitness levels and get more and more out of it as you go along and improve. It makes me feel sooooo awesome after and you never realize how much it is working you out until you're done!

    3. New classes, new interests, new career, the possibilities are endless if that's what you put your mind to!

    Your husband was great today and made me feel really at ease, which is very much appreciated :-D Make sure to give him another thanks from me!


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