Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas one and all!!!

I hope everyone out there in blog land had a wonderful holiday. I know that I did. I got exactly what I asked for as well as a few surprises.

One of the best would have to be my weigh in this morning which was 232.2 lbs. That is a gain of only 0.6lbs. Being the last week of this edition of the BLBE, I would have liked to see a loss, but it being christmas and all, I'm really happy to see such a minor gain. We'll have to see what next week holds to see if there was really more there than was showing up yet.

Tomorrow the party is over and I have a whole week of clean living to do in order to get rid of any excess jelly belly. I'm not sure when the next BLBE will start up, but I should have at least two weeks to get down to 230 lbs, which is where I would like to start.

*off topic for a sec*
My two favorite pressies this year were "The Tales of Beddle the Bard" from my kids (all you Harry Potter geeks like me will know how cool that is), and a gorgeous red felt cape from my parents. I have wanted a cape for years and years and years. It is smashing, perfect for throwing over a beautiful outfit when going out in the fall/winter/early spring. My dad (being a smart ass as usual) asked me when I was going to Grandma's house (Little Red Riding Hood).

Have a great christmas/holiday all! May you all have a safe, healthy and happy season!

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