Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remebering Grandfather

Today was a real mixed bag of good and sad.


Went swimming with the kids and hubby. What a fun way to spend an hour. DS did very well. He still swims with a life jacket and today was the very first time he was actually swimming on his belly with an almost flutter kick. He usually just sort of spins around in circles or takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r to get where he wants to go. Today he was just a motoring along. It was great to see. Getting much more independant. DD did a lot of swimming in the deep end and just loving showing Mom and Dad what she could do.


Rememberance Day

This year was especially hard. It was the first Rememberance day since my Grandfather passed away. I grew up next door to him and Nanny so we were very close. In fact my children are named after them (my son's name is the Gaelic form of his), and my son also shares his birthday with Grandfather (not that I tried to have him 12 days late ;)).

My uncle laid the wreath in honour of Grandfather. He looked wonderful in his uniform (he is a police officer). We all cried. Grandfather did so much with the Veteran's in our community. We have a Veteran's Wing at our local hospital and every year he and my Mom would plant a garden for the vet's to enjoy and care for. He served in WWII and was part of the Plum Bob tests in Nevada in the late 50's and early 60's (nuclear tests). I miss him terribly and I am so honoured to have him be my Grandfather.
Here are some collages my Mom did at the time of his funeral. Gives you a bit of sense of what kind of man he was. The wedding photo is my brother and sister in law.

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  1. nice story. so good you have those memories. my auntie wrote this story about her grandfather, you might like.

    Boogie Woogie man was your grandfather



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