Friday, November 7, 2008

Odd happenings!

A good day today! Spent the morning with my mom, talking about what kind of house she and Dad are going to buy/build. They sold their house this summer (but are still living in it for the next two years until the buyer can move here from California). They have some time to make a decision so it is fun to look at real estate listings and floor plans. Just one of those little bonding things we do :)

As far as exercise went, Mom and I walked for about 35 minutes on the trail. Not as good as my regular route but better for her (less ups and downs). I have eaten well, as in no snacking.

Something very odd happened today. Mom gave me two pairs of her pants because they were too small for her and they fit me. This is odd because this has never happened before. My mother has always been on the thinner side. She was very athletic in her teens and continues to be active within her limitations (she has fibromyalgia). Since the death of my Grandfather in May, she has put on some weight, mostly due to stress eating she thinks. She asked today if she could join in to our challenge and join me in trying to get the weight off. Of course I said yes!!! I would love to have her support and to be able to support her. She can push my Dad in the right direction too, as I am trying to do with my hubby. I am really excited to have her join in with me!

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