Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I ate half a bag of chocolate chips.....

...I really did.

I don't know what the hell was up with me. I did really well points wise all day. Hit most of my healthy guidelines. That bag of chocolate chips was just sitting there in the cupboard....open and lonely. I even keep the damn things in my medicine basket because basically they are like an antidepressant! LOL

I am so ashamed of myself for my utter lack of self control.


  1. What's done is done. All you can do is move on. Leave the guilt behind and kick ass like I know you can!!!

  2. I know the feelings you are having... I have had them plenty of times.
    Nothing you can do but start new and don't dwell on it.
    It's not that bad and it will not get in the way of your progress.

  3. Well, don't let this set you back! Count up how many flex points you used up on your chocoholic attack and adjust accordingly. You can turn this into an allowable slip up!


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