Sunday, November 23, 2008

Food Pics

I have been following Angie for a while, and she has been posting pics of her meals. I have to admit to being a bit of a voyeur here. She makes the most amazing and interesting and downright scrumptious looking meals. I thought I might try the same thing. I already feel more accountable because I know you all will be looking at it.

For Breakfast this morning I decided to try to microwave my oatmeal (didn't work so boiled over). I mixed what was left with half a banana and some pea butter with a little bit of Almond Breeze. Add to that some coffee with Almond Breeze and splenda for a total of 6 POINTS

For lunch the kids wanted chicken soup and biscuits. So I made some whole wheat buscuits to have with the soup. All for a total of 6 POINTS
So that leaves me with 14 POINTS for supper, and snacks.
For supper I decided to have scrumptious fajita's. I chose to have mine in lettuce leaves rather than in a wrap (seeing as I can't find any WW one's) I also had refried beans in mine with only one or two little pieces of steak. With a dollop of fat free sour cream on top and delish!!! Total 4 POINTS
After supper I was a little munchie so I had a chinese mandarin orange. Just peeling one makes it seem like Christmas. 1 POINT
I cleaned up the kitchen and I was feeling a bit restless, so I decided to make some cookies for the kiddies to take to school (rather than buying crap at the store). I made Nut-free pea butter cookies - half with a chocolate chip nestled on top, half plain. The kids won't have a problem taking them to school. I might have a problem keeping them around that long. I knew I had a few POINTS to spare so I had 2. I made them teeny tiny so that they would only be 1.5 POINTS each. With a lovely cold glass of 0.5% milk it was 5 POINTS total. Not bad for milk and cookies!!!!

Total POINTS for the day = 22/26 oops!

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  1. My food pics are always so terrible looking I never post them. Yours as well as others looks so tasty and great.
    I guess I am not into presentation of the food. LOL


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