Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Haulin' on them boot straps

Yep I'm pickin' myself up by the boot straps and I'm getting back at it. The only way I'm going to feel better is to get some exercise and get those endorphins going. I have yoga tonight, which I love and really need. I am also going to walk on the treadmill to try and earn a few activity points.

The house is in serious need of attention as well. DH is off today so between the two of us we should be able to set it right. I am going to attempt to tackle my DD's room. It looks as though a bomb went off in it and I have been asking for weeks for her to clean it. She cleans out the center of it but that's about it. GRRR. The only thing is for me to go in and do a thorough clean and hopefully stay on top of it now.

I have resigned myself to the fact that I am going to have a gain this week. Weigh in is in only 2 days and it would be foolish of me to try and repair all the damage I have done in that short a time. However, I am not going to let it get me down. I am going to continue on as though the weigh in never happened and look to next Thursday as my goal. I hope to be back down in the 233 range by then. My goal for the BLBE challenge was to lose 22 lbs by Dec 27th. Well in order to do that I need to stay focused and on plan as much as I possibly can without driving myself around the bend.

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  1. That's a good mindset to have. I know I haven't lost this week either but I'm still determined to manage something... with only 2 days left (including today) to manage some kind of a loss. I wish I was able to move past what that number is going to be on Thursday and get moving.


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