Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happiness is a Peacoat for $3.00

The shopping trip was a huge success today. I had a blast with my friend. Spent every last cent of my budget, but then again that is what budgets are for! So this is what I got:
  • A wool Peacoat for my daughter (looks amazing on her and at 9 yrs she is old enough to have a fancy dress coat)
  • Winter coat for same child
  • Cool scarf and newsboy hat for her as well
  • Spiderman touque for the boy
  • Indonesian/East indian outfit for me for a Halloween costume
  • Referee shirt for hubby for his Halloween costume
  • 3 bras for me
  • All for the whopping total of $30.75!!!!!!!!

I love going to second hand stores. That coat was definately the treasure of the day. Those coats are usually in the $100 range and I got it for 3 and it is in perfect shape. And she loves it (no mean feat in and of itself)!

1 comment:

  1. Wow that is some great deals!! I love 2nd hand shops!

    That is absolute madness about the $3.85 - makes it even more frustrating!!

    Congrats on the loss and for doing great!


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