Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello again, again!

As I write this my beautiful 10 week old daughter, affectionately known as Bug, is swinging and sleeping! She's been that way for a while so goodness knows how long I really have to write.

My life in a nut shell for the last year. Crazy, insane, crappy and wonderful all at once. I got pregnant (so wasn't expecting that!), worked a job that I was not really suited for, my husband had a medical crisis (gallbladder caused pancreatitis, was in the hospital for 12 days), my kids got bigger, older and wiser (or so the 11 year old thinks!).

I need to get back on track and I am not sure where to begin. I need to start exercising and eating properly, DUH!!! The eating properly thing may be difficult. Finances are beyond tight right now and groceries are on the luxury list. The exercise thing is so doable. My big girl wants to get working out too, so I should enlist her help.

I realize that this is all up to me. No more excuses

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