Sunday, March 8, 2009

Trip preparations

I leave tomorrow for a week long business trip. First time in my life I have ever done that. I am really nervous. Not about the work, or about being away, but about FOOD.

I've already checked out the website of the restaurant where we will be going for dinner Monday night and have chosen my meal. Out of everything on the menu it truly looks like the best option, with a few modifications of course ;)

Other than our big group dinner Monday, we are completely on our own as far as our meals go. Breakfast is provided by the hotel so that is great. I'll be able to get fruit etc. I've been eating a bit of fast food this week, what with training in the mall and all. I feel gross, bloated, generally lethargic. I don't want to do that next week, but what other option will I have? Do I bring groceries with me? I'll be without a vehicle so somewhat at others mercy for the week. arrrgghh.

I had gained 2 lbs as of WI day and now I'm up even more, almost 5 lbs. I know why. It would be the pizza on Wed and Fri, the two trips to A&W yesterday, and all the Timmie's coffee I've been drinking. And other indiscretions too numerous to mention.

The hotel I'll be staying at has a pool and a small gym so workout clothes are coming with me. I'll be working out like a maniac all week in order to offset all the crap I'll be eating.

I'll try to keep you posted on my progress this week.


  1. Maybe you could bring some snacks with you (bars, cereal, etc.) so that you're not tempted with the vending machines, too :) Try to make the best choices and get in your workouts and you'll be fine!!

  2. Bring some snacks with you for sure. I know some people bring much more but I am not one to pack a cooler full of fresh foods for hotel.
    Try to make the best choices but really important to keep moving. Bringing your workout clothes is a good plan!

    I hope your week goes well!!


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