Thursday, January 1, 2009

WI Results -1.2

Yes that's right - 1.2 lbs. I am so happy I could dance. I was a bit of a pig last night with the junk food, but I don't think I had as much as I thought I did. For much of the night the only things on the card table had peanuts in them so I was able to avoid those quite easily (now if only I could convince myself that to eat all the other crap is tantamount to suicide too! :D)
We had a fun night at my Aunt B's playing cards and goofing around. When midnight came most of us were still standing. My DD made it all the way.....
She was asleep about 5 minutes after this.
My hubby and I (love the extra chins the stupid hat gave me)
And the one who didn't make it. He fell asleep in Daddy's arms at about 10:30.
Happy New Year everyone! Not sure what is on the go for us today. We are supposed to be having supper in at my Uncle H's but with the blizzard I don't know if that is going to happen or not!


  1. What a great way to ring in the New Year with a loss!!

    If you can lose weight at New Year' can do it any other time of the year as well! Way to go :)


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