Friday, January 2, 2009

Can you say S-N-O-W?

When I awoke this morning this is what greeted me:

and this:
I swear I have not seen this much snow in ages, and as the only adult home (hubby had already dug out his car and gone to work) it fell to me to dig us out. I have to say that my endurance has definitely improved. I was able to shovel for 1.5 hours with no trouble stamina wise. I really need to work on my upper body strength however. OMG do my arms and wrists hurt tonight.

After all that work this is what I was able to accomplish. Yay me!!!!!
I am very proud of myself. I pray that no more snow comes for a while.


  1. welcome to snow hell! we got 60" in december!!!!!!!

  2. wow.
    such a great workout.
    feeling BAD that Im feeling THANKFUL I live in TX :)

  3. OMG! I'm so happy we moved from Alaska and North Dakota...I HATE snow! I love my 70 degree January day in Florida

    What a great workout!


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