Saturday, January 17, 2009

Random Thoughts ;-D

I got to go to Trivia Night for the second week in a row!!! Teamed up with Brooke which was so much fun. She is awesome and I'm happy she is home. It's nice to have someone close to my own age to hang out with. (Most of the people I hang with these days are friends of my parents. Sad I know) The questions were way too hard tonight. Either that or my brain was just fried. Probably the second one.

Had a decent day as far as eating went. Yummy yogurt with bran buds and pom seeds for brekkie. Half a slice of leftover pizza for lunch with an apple for snack. Chicken with 1/2 cup potatoes for supper and some popcorn and a beer for Trivia. For a grand total of 25 points. Right on the money.

After yesterday's debacle I think I am just going to wipe out my Flex for the week. I have no real way of estimating how much the pizza or the crap at Costco was, other than A LOT!!! Anything extra I want this week I am going to have to earn.

A little NSV. I was able to cut 4 minutes off my 5km time. I can now do it in 56 min!!! Yay!! I'll be ready for the Johny Miles in June, you just watch me.

Sorry this is so scattered. It's late and I'm just trying to get it all out there. Have a great night bloggies!!!!


  1. oh triva night sounds like so much fun! I'm a history major in uni, so my breain is just filled with random facts and dates!

    4 mins off your time!? wow you rock!! Great work!

  2. Wow, thats awesome about shedding off 5 minutes from your 5k time! Congratulations!!


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