Saturday, January 17, 2009

Crappy day complete with crappy choices

Yesterday was a real mixed bag of good and bad.

It started off weird. No school due to the extreme cold. Now I spent half my life in Northern Alberta/BC and I've experienced "cold" days before. Usually the cut off is -40C. Yesterday here it was -20c or so but with the wind chill it was well below -30. So not quite a deep freeze but damn cold.

My mom had invited the kids and I to go to Halifax with her to pick up my cousin T, who is here on course. I had originally said no because of school. Well now we have this great opportunity to go, so go we did. It was nice for my daughter to have time to spend with her "cousin twin" (T's daughter).

We hit up Costco and that is where the bad choices began. We got there at lunch time and that should have been enough to send up the red flags. The kids were starved so we went to the lunch counter they have there. Not a good choice in sight. Mom and I decided to split a chicken fingers and fries. We also got an extra fries for my son. Well let me tell you, like everything else at Costco, their servings are huge. We could have split that chicken and fries 3 ways. Needless to say I ended up eating far more crap than I should have.

My Costco loot was great though. Lots of great veggies, some Kashi cereal. It was well worth the trip.

By the time we got home it was 6pm. DH was 2 minutes behind us getting home from work. He had a rough day, spent 4 hours standing outside covering a house fire. The family, all safe thank God, lost everything. He wasn't feeling so great when he got home and I was tired so we ordered pizza. Again probably the worst choice to make. And then I ate 2 pieces.

Yesterday is definitely being reflected in the scale. I need to stay focused for the rest of the week, and fortunately I have all that lovely food from Costco to help me do it.

Enough excuses, time to get er done!


  1. Sounds like you had a pretty good day considering your bad food choices.
    Exercise some of that off today girl. We are on Angie's Asskicking Team so we need to prove to Lynn (and everyone else) we can do it. Besides who want's H to win AH!!!
    Stay stong and don't beat yourseld up about it. When we go shopping and we are hungry there no holding back sometimes BUT 2 slices of pizza. (Tough Love) ;)

  2. Don't let it get to you! today's a new day and like you said , you have lot of good food to keep you on track! You Can Do IT!

  3. Don't do like me and let one bad day turn into several!


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