Sunday, January 4, 2009

New toy and a Question for you.

I got a new toy yesterday. I finally got a kitchen scale!!!! It is awesome. I'll actually be able to know how much I'm eating rather than guesstimating. It was nice to know this morning that the amount of yogurt I've been taking for a serving was actually a little less than a full serving.

I have a question for all you WW ladies and gentlemen out there. Yesterday I did very well with my food, until suppertime when, having no children at home (both were at a friends), we decided to get chinese. I would estimate my meal to be about 20pts. Prior to supper I had used 12pts, so that makes 32pts total on the day. I had earned 5 AP's. My question is this, have I used 2 FP's or 7? My daily allowance is 25. I don't know when to count points as flex or to use up my activity points.

Don't forget to tune in to ECFM at 10:10am (Atlantic time) for Angie's interview.


  1. When I use the eTools tracker online it always uses up my Activity Points first, then dips into my Flex Points.

    Plus, with the new momentum program if you don't use all your Activity Points in the day they're earned, they carry over to the next day. This will only happen during your Weight Watcher week. If you end the week with a bunch of APs, then start a new week, your APs will be zero on the first day of the new WW week until you earn some APs.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks so much! That really helps.

  3. Your hubby has a great voice! The interview was awesome! I'd love to get a kitchen scale - my biggest issue is trying to guess how much cheese I am using!


  4. I thought on momentum your AP were banked on to the end of the weekly points. And that they all zeroed out after a week. Either way I dont think it matters to much.

  5. You are supposed to use your activity points on the day you get them, otherwise they go away. You aren't supposed to save those up.


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