Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Walk to Hfx update.

I figured I should update my progress on my "Walk to Halifax". So far not nearly as good as I wanted to be. I had hoped to get to Hfx by Jan 15th but that may have to be pushed back. If I continue to do 5km at a time I have 25 legs left to go. My ETA is now Jan 31, 2009.

I have been extremely lazy through the month of December. I've been lucky to exercise 2 times a week. Well that has to change if I expect to make any progress towards my goals.

Goals for this week + 2 days:

1. To exercise 7/9 days and earn 28AP's

2. To eat on plan for all 9 days (really how hard can this be, I don't understand why I have such a hard time with this)

3. To drink 2litres of water every day.

I'll check back next Thursday to see how I did.

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