Monday, December 1, 2008

The next motivating factor

My plan today is to get a good walk in. I haven't really done any exercise at all this week. DH was out of the house from Wednesday on which left me doing the single Mom thing. We were all down with the stomach flu at one point or another. So, all in all, not a great week. I want to try and be as kick ass as possible for the next three days til weigh in. I'm tired of these little dribs and drabs of weight loss. I need to start posting some good numbers again. If I can't make 220 by the end of BLBE, I want to at least be at 225. That is only 7lbs. 4weeks at 2lbs a week should be easy to do. Right???

I've started to wonder what I will do without the BLBE to motivate me. I need to come up with something more to keep me going. I've been thinking of doing a "Walk to Halifax". It is only about 150 km away, so at 5k a day it should take me about a month to "get" there. And my reward for doing it is to actually GO to Hfx. I haven't been in ages. (like last xmas I think) I would love to see the family that I have there as well as meet some of the Halifax girls. Maybe even get to go on a special little shopping trip. What do you think? Motivating????

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