Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I think it may be time...

...for me to really join Weight Watchers.

I'm back to "guess-timating" how many points I'm eating. My exercise has been indifferent at best, although with the new challenge I've given myself I am definately beginning to "feel" it again.

Weigh in is tomorrow and I'll be lucky if it is a STS. I'm thinking more likely a gain of a pound or two.

This blog is a wonderful tool and it really has made me more accountable, but I think I need more than just accountability. I need the support that comes from meetings and knowing than I am really not alone. I looked up the meeting times and prices in my area. Most of the meetings I could reach are in the evening and I hate weighing in in the evening. I'm a first thing in the morning kinda girl. So if I do start I expect to have an instant "gain" of about 5 lbs. The price is pretty expensive too. I know that 300 over six months isn't too bad but our finances are pretty tight right now. That is more than I can afford. Why does this have to be so friggin expensive? I just want to lose the weight. I don't mind paying, but I hate that I am shut out of great opportunities like WW and a gym membership because I can't afford it. I can't spend that kind of money on myself when my kids or my husband might need something. I've been walking around for about 5 months in pants that are huge because I can't spend the money on myself to get a new pair. One pair, let alone the three or four I really need.

My mom has said that she has a gift for me that is really small, but that I'll really love it. Is it bad to hope that it is a six month membership to WW?

Enough of being a sad-sack. Time to go walk.

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  1. I wanted to post a comment. Weight Watchers is rolling out a new program next week. We now have a monthly pass for 39.95 that allows access to the website as well.

    I am sure there will be some Promos coming up with the new year and the new program.

    Good luck. is also really great and FREE.


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