Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Goal setting for my "Walk to Halifax"

Today was okay as far as food went. Not very on plan but not REALLY off either.

We had a really busy day. Did some shopping for the kids and then went over to Mom's to check out all the loot. OMG they have a lot of stuff. Santa is generous. I think, other than one more item each, I am done! On December 2nd!!!! Unheard of.

I didn't get to my walk until tonight but I just have to say something I RAN!!! I was able to run for a couple minutes about 4 times during my walk. Had the treadmill cranked up to 6.5 km/h. And it felt great. I wasn't even really all that out of breath when I dialed back the speed. My regular speed was 5.0km/h. Not bad when I could barely do 20 minutes at 3.5 km/h when I first got the treadmill last January.

So I am now 10 km down on my trip to Hfx. I've decided on Point Pleasant park as my destination. That means I have 166.5 km left to go. Divide that by 5km a day that is 33 more legs (plus 1.5km). I think I need to set a timeline goal as well as the distance. If I walked every day I would get to Halifax on January 5th. I think it is unrealistic for me to try to walk every day though. Christmas is coming and that means a lot of busy days ahead. If I shoot for 5 days a week that would have me finishing around January 13th. So I'm going to say January 15th I will be there!!!!!!

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