Saturday, October 4, 2008

So far, so good

This weekend has gone much better than last. I'm still having trouble getting my snacks in but with a little more effort I can manage that. I had a small slip today. Went into town to apply for a job at Penningtons and had to drive past the dreaded Golden Arches. I had some change in my pocket and some points to spend so I thought "I'll just get a small fries". So I did. I ate maybe half and thought "These don't taste nearly as good as they smell." So I stopped. I wish I hadn't stopped in the first place but I'm glad I kept it under control. Salty foods are a big weakness of mine.

On another topic, my little guy just started school this year and this weekend he had his first "homework". He had brought home his poem binder and he was supposed to read/sing them with me. OMG!!! He is soooo smart. He has been reading for almost a year now and actually has trouble pointing to the words as he says them because it slows him down too much. I was trying to sing along and he was saying "no no no Mommy that isn't the tune, it goes like this" in that long suffering voice of his. *sigh* They grow up so fast. I'll turn around and he'll be a teenager :(

It is now 9:35 at night and I have yet to exercise today. I better get off my butt and onto the treadmill.

Have a great day tomorrow!

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  1. After I read that the taste of McD's french fries come from an industrial corridor in New Jersey and is manufactured by scientists, I kinda lost my thing for them. America's flavor industry is like a 1.5 billion dollar industry. They create tastes that not only are designed to taste a certain way, but also smell and entice you. McD's uses International Flavor and Fragrance to manufacture its french fry taste/smell, I believe.

    I still love french fries, but now I eat real potato ones :-)


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