Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Today's plan + edits

A few things needed to be changed because the day never goes exactly as planned. I'm proud to say that out of all the treats on the staff room table, I only had one small biscuit and a bit of homemade jam. I didn't even sniff the brownies :)

I happened to run into a girl I know at the grocery store, and she told me that she was getting ready to teach yoga in about an hour. Today was going to be the free introductory lesson to see if there was enough interest. I thought "Hey, I've always wanted to do yoga" So, long story short, my DH arranged it so that I could go for an hour and do yoga. It was fabulous! I plan to take the six week course from her. So no treadmill tonight, but yoga instead.

Just a quick post this morning to set out the meal plan for today

Ensure plus - 8pts
Tea - 0 pts


1 slice multigrain bread - 2pts
1 T pea butter - 2 pts
1 t jam - 1pt
1 apple - 1pt
carrot sticks - 1pt
1 small biscuit -2pts
1 t jam - 1 pt


roast beef (still working on that roast from Sunday) - 3 pts
salad -0pts
dressing - 1 pt
iced tea with lemon - 1pt


yogurt -2 pts


So one point of my FLEX used today. I hope that I can stick to this. The plan is to do at least 20 min (hopefully an hour) on the treadmill after school. I've asked DH to push my ass even if I'm whinning. I think he is a little afraid that I will be mad at him, but like I said, I might be upset because you are pushing me at the moment but I'll be happier in the long run.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Sounds like a great day and how wonderful for the yoga opportunity to fall into you lap. WTG on grabbing it and not letting it pass you by. I totally get where both you and hubby are coming from. Maybe if you are a bit crabby with him for pushing you, you could make sure to thank him later when you feel the great after workout feeling.


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