Thursday, January 8, 2009


I got a new yoga mat today. Hopefully that will help with the slippage issue. My old one just didn't grip the floor anymore. I also picked up a set of 1lb wrist weights for when I'm walking to try and increase my upper body strength. I have to admit I focussed on my arms a lot more with them on and my hands weren't swollen beyond belief (like they are normally) at the end of my walk.

Today's eats: /25

Yogurt, kashi, banana combo w/ coffee (-8) 8/25
Cheesburger happy meal w/diet coke (-14) 22/25
Hamurger, rice, corn combo (-8) 30/25

dreadmill (+5) 30/30

I think I may end up using some of my Flex points later tonight for a little snackiepoo. I know that I am still feeling a bit hungry and frankly there is pretty much zero nutrition in a Rotten Ronnie's Happy Meal. The kids were hungry and really wanted to go, so I made the best choice I could, although I really should have gotten the apple slices instead of fries.

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