Friday, December 5, 2008

Grit and Determination

I was so angry with myself Thursday morning when I got on that scale and saw that gain. It wasn't even a little was HUGE ! At least that was how it felt. I let myself wallow in self pity for a while. But no more!!!

I am DOWNRIGHT DETERMINED that I will end this challenge down at least 10lbs. That isn't the 22 I was originally shooting for but who cares. My fitness level has really increased since starting this challenge. I was subbing at the local high school today and I walked! I walked to school, downtown at lunch time and walked home again. Look at me! That was 3km +/- of walking that I chose to do. I'm really impressed with myself. Can'tcha tell????

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  1. Wow! I'm proud of you too! I had to quickly convert kilometers in order for your blog to really make any sense to me but that's close to 2mi! I live 2.6mi away from work and I don't walk my butt there! I keep thinking that I should start at least taking the stairs up and down at work but I'm on the 11th floor. Maybe I'll take a queue from you and try to get some moving in at work!


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