Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yay me!!! Huge NSV

I went for my 5km walk today. AFTER supper (i.e. in the dark), and in the pouring rain/snow/ice pellets. I have to tell you I was soaked to the skin. But I am so damn proud of myself for actually doing it.

When I left work today I called home to get stuff defrosted in order to COOK a meal. Which I did! Made sure I had plenty of time for my walk before DH and Mom and I had to go to a Volunteer Appreciation thingee. I even jogged on some of the straight aways and down hills.

P.S. My butt is still very, VERY painful but the best thing for it is to continue to exercise. Right!!???

Oh and one of my very best friends had her baby girl today!!!! Welcome, welcome Miss Kaitlyn Marie, little sister to Peyton and Emily. I pity their poor father with 3 girls now LOL!

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