Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I made it! (not)

oh wait no I didn't!!! I caved to the pizza craving at lunchtime today. God I wish I hadn't! I have to go to yoga in a few minutes and I have a lead weight in my stomach still. Not good.

On the positive front my parents are home after 3 weeks away. The kids were super excited to see them.

Back on plan...going to yoga and I am going to do the dreadmill tonight to try and reverse the damage done by that damn pizza.

Ta ta for now

***quick update. I went to yoga and I feel much better. I got home. popped the boy some popcorn and hopped onto the treadmill right away. I didn't walk as long as I usually do but that is okay. Still earned 5 AP's for the day!!!

So much for no eating out this week *sigh* :(

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