Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy October!!!

I have to say that I love the month of October. The weather is cool and crisp, the kids are settled into the school year routine and it contains my absolute favorite holiday. I adore Halloween. My kids already have their costumes (I haven't what I'm going to be hmmmmm...). And it isn't the candy that I love about it. I was a Drama major in University, my hubby and I had a costume wedding, I just really like "dressing up" ;). It gives me a chance to not be me for a little while.
In fact the candy is my least favorite part. I won't buy any until just before the 31st because I just don't trust myself with it. My daughter has issues with chocolate and red food dye (its like giving her crack cocaine) so she has a hard time when we go through her treat bag. She doesn't want to trick or treat this year and I totally understand.
The challenge of the month will be Thanksgiving. I have a difficult time monitoring what I am eating that day. I have done Thanksgiving on WW before and failed miserably. I haven't found that special combination to eat/not eat and stay on points and eat nutritiously. I am going to make the vegetable and the cranberry sauce (maybe use splenda???) so I will have some control over what will be served.

MY Goals For October

1. Workout 6/7 days each week
2. Eat out or take out no more than once a week (this would be a huge accomplishment)
3. Consistently eat my 26 points a day
4. Have a successful and satisfying Thanksgiving

I'll check back on these goals midmonth to see how I am doing. Fingers crossed that I can keep it together.

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