Monday, September 29, 2008

Start Fresh Monday....

...hopefully for the last time. I want to stop having "fresh starts", I'd like to be able to stay committed to this process all the time. Part of the problem with me on the weekends is that my hubby gets up for work at 5am. I don't get up with him and the kids are getting up on their own now. There are mornings where I don't wake up until 9 or 9:30. That completely throws me off for the day. I don't eat breakfast, I have a hard time getting my act together to get housework done. I know that these are excuses and they are going to stop now.

Here is my plan....I've asked my daughter to wake me when she wakes up on Saturday and Sunday (I don't often hear them until they start fighting :p) I am going to create a "honey-do" list for myself for the weekend on Friday night so that I have a solid plan of what needs to be done. Also its nice to have a list to cross things off of! Included on that list will be exercise for the weekend. I find it far too easy for the day to slip away and not have any kind of a workout done. I have started to plan out the meals for the week and I would like to try and get some of the meals pre-prepared on Sunday so that all I have to do is throw them into the oven during the week. I didn't get that done this week but I will next week.

Today's menu

b-oatmeal w/br sugar and milk 5pt
s- Activia 2pt
l - Bacon and egg sandwich (with fat free cheese) 7pt
s-coffee w/milk and twin 1pt
S-poached halibut w/salad and hollandaise sauce 7pt
s-100 cal graham crackers 2pt
s-banana w/milk 3pt


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